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environment variable support

Trying to set up environments for Painter in film studios is currently a laborious process.

Allowing us to set environment variables which point to project specific shelves and plugins, defined by our virtual environment, would be a huge benefit to the film industry.

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  • haritechnology commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I couldn't agree more.

    Environment resolution is quite common in the VFX/full feature industry. We use our in house system similar to:

    So when the user launch Painter from our Asset Manager, the environment is "prepared" for him depending on various parameters (project, OS, shot number, etc.). This save him a lot of time, specially for export (he never have to think where he should put its textures, he just click "export" and a job start on the farm to open the archive and export texture so artists can start to work on something else).

    But as soon as you have a "monolithic" package (and no, having a "preferences" window doesn't make it dynamic), it imply hacks to make things works making software hard to manage at an industrial level (the more hack you have, the less it's reliable).

    A variable like: SUBSTANCE_PAINTER_PLUGIN_PATH would be nice.

    Please follow what Maya do with its environment variable, it makes our lives easier :

    So as soon as you need something from a system path, please provide a variable we can manage.

    It's not uncommon for studios to have peoples/devs dedicated to help artists to focus on work as the more you have in complexity, quality/budget, etc, the more boring task increase (configuration, export, etc.).

    If technical peoples can't personalize the artist environment dynamically (per project, per shot, per asset category, etc.), they simply can't help artists and artist will have to do it himself which is boring and error prone. If you don't have those peoples, you will put this technical load to artists, and they often don't know how to script.

    Please make Painter industry friendly.

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