How can we improve Substance Painter?

Save all brush movement in uv(2d) space only! And possibility to move geometry.

When I paint something in 3d view Painter save it in 3d space as projection.
When I paint something in uv(2d) view Painter save it in uv space. It looks weird as result. For example I want to rotate some part of geometry - visor on the helmet. I rotate visor and reload obj in project. All brush movement in uv view is save, but all brush movement in 3d view looks terrible, because visor now has diffrent position. When saving in 3d space can be more useful then in uv space? I think never. I think Painter need to transfer all 3d brush movement in 2d space and save it. As result you will can add move any geometry in project and it would be awesome!!!

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    that would break all our workflows.
    The fact the painter doesn't care about UVs (as long as you paint in 3D space) is absolutely amazing and allows us to swap models with new topology and UVs in the production. If you need something to stick to your UV space you paint in the 2D view. simple and powerful. I hope this one is not going to be changed. ever.

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