How can we improve Substance Painter?

A few ideas

Just wanted to say I love substance painter and it's helped me so much, there's just some things I really want to see pushed and improved upon in new updates.

Allow painting across multiple object UDIM's.
It would be amazing if you could set up a paint operation that would apply any effects across multiple UV tiles at the same time, say you had an object with 3 tiles, 1001, 1002 and 1003, but wanted a seamless texture painted across all 3, you could set it up to allow that, instead of choosing one then another then another, it currently leads to differences between each UDIM.

Allow a "change all texture resolution" to substance painter, it's very hard to work with when you have a lot of UDIMs and want everything changed to 1k for example.

Allow a "change all texture resolution" to the export, it's great to be able to control each UDIM tile to export at different resolutions, but if you want most tiles at 4k for example when they are set at 1k for you work scene, it can take a long time to change them all, having a function to set it to 4k then you can go through and change the individuals you want at different resolutions would be amazing.

Allowing you to choose specific UV tiles to bake in the "bake textures" operation, instead of either "everything" or the one you have selected.

Better support for linear workflow and aces colour profile.
Srgb is really not the best when trying to work in a VFX pipeline (this is a very important one for me)

Maybe a more stable 8k export, it sucks up all GPU and leads to crashes, I'm fine with a longer export time if it's more stable.

An option for displacement? I mean probably just under certain render options or something, I understand actual displacement in the work scene might be too intense.


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