How can we improve Substance Painter?

Paint multiple objects at once. Single click UV projection (All) to tri-planar (All). Separate export locations per map

Paint multiple objects at once.

It's pretty much self explanatory, it would be nice to paint over multiple meshes/textures. You could add a new button "add multi-paint layer to all" and allow us to paint all meshes at once. Currently I have to jump to third party software every-time I want to do this. I know you can make layers and jump between them but that takes so much time and you still can't quite get what you're after.

Single click UV projection (All) to tri-planar (All).

I really like having the tri-planar effect as an option but what I dislike is having to go through every single texture, to every single layer to change them all from UV Projection to Triplanar. Is it possible to add a button to just switch all to tri-planar?

Separate export locations per map.

This one is a must for organizing. I put in so much extra time for organizing it's crazy. Then if I find a mistake in the texture, I have to re-export, replace, re-link, use third party software to paint over my entire mesh again... then re-link in what ever software I'm using for rendering.

These are three very basic features which are all ready kind of in the software but don't quite work in this way. If they did they would save us all countless hours.

Please introduce these features sometime soon, it would save us all time and money! :)

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    In "separate export locations" when I wrote by "map" I meant Texture or Mesh. I also have another suggestions. An edit button for posts.

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