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Workflow Configurations

Every time I create a new project or export textures or some other things, I have to start from scratch to tell SP what and where.

I'd like to have my personal configuration files for specific types of projects and textures.

In the new projects option in the file menu, I'd like to create several standard configurations for importing a new project. I always want OpenGL for normal, I always want my textures downloaded to my standard "project" folder and I always want the texture configuration to be for Blender Cycles PBR (one I created), I always want transparency on the padding and I always one 8 pixels. You get the point.

So why can't there be a way to declare that textures will be exported with the *** configuration instead of having to fill in all of that individual information every time?

Ditto, creating a new project. I always use OpenGL so why should I have to change the default Direct X to OpenGL every time?

It seems like small stuff, but it's easy to overlook some of these things.

It's like in Blender's export to FBX there is an option to export only the selected. I can't tell you how many times I forgot to check that box and tried to export everything. It should default to selected objects and then let me push the nuclear option for everything.

I've been testing experimental software for over 20 years now and it amazes me how developers often forget to put themselves in the user's shoes and streamline the workflow. Reducing the workflow by only a few clicks is important.

From your perspective, having to make all these changes every time may not be a big deal. But for the occasional user who doesn't have everything memorized, custom configurations would be helpful. And BTW not hard to program. A million years ago, I used to be a good programmer in Natural (the precursor to SQL), COBOL, and FORTRAN, so I still have a pretty good idea of what is hard and what isn't in programming. In my day, custom configurations for the user were not hard and I doubt it's changed since them.

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    You can already do all this by saving a project template. Once all your settings are in place, go to File > Save as Template.
    YOu will now be able to select this template in the New project dialog so that all your settings are already set up for you for every new project.

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