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Non-square UV texturing (2048x1024) + Multiple UV sets

Non-square UV texturing (2048x1024)

- In our company we use often non-square UVs, very often I don't need to use 2048x2048 but 2048x1024 is good enough. So far it is not possible to texture in SP in non-square aspec ratio as far as I know.

Multiple UV sets

- Possibility to choose from multiple UV sets for different channels (albedo, normal, AO,...) would be nice. In ArmA 3 we use 2.nd UVset for stuff like Ambient Occllusion, Macro maps, Detail textures. 1st UVset we use for Diffuse, Normal, etc.

Without these features it is kind of problematic to use SP/SD

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    I found out that non-square texturing works eventually...just painting in 2D viewport doesn't work this way correctly

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