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As an outsource partner I run into this regularly where someone makes an asset and its not all in the same painter scene. which causes extreme confusion and a lack of ability to look at an asset as a whole outside of marmoset.

SO! I propose that being able to merge painter files, much like you can merge max scene into one file.

I mean it couldn't be insanely difficult as each mesh element has its own separate material applied, therefore would display the same way in the painter scene as it would if it was set up that way from the start.


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  • justaviking commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I decided to elaborate on this request by linking to a post of mine that helps explain WHY this would be a VALUE-ADDED capability.

    SUMMARY: 31 drag-and-drops (and lots of other clicks too) for a simple scene consisting of two items.

    Imagine trying to do this with a dozen or more parts... very tedious to say the least.

    "Thank you" to those who have help support this request with your precious votes.

  • justaviking commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I know there are variations of this request already entered (key in "Load Multiple Meshes"), but I couldn't find a "best" one to vote for.

    I want to assemble a scene of multiple objects that have already been painted. For example, a table with plates and silverware and napkins. Each might have already been beautifully painted as individual pieces.

    It would be great if Substance Painter allowed my to simply "ADD OBJECT" and then position it using Translate/Rotate/Scale functionality.

    Now I could use the great built-in PBR shader or the Iray rendring to make awesome pictures.

    Substance Painter does not need to become a geometric modeling tool, it would just automagically composite my scene as I add more items to it.

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